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Defense Logistics Agency Set to Complete Implementation of G-Invoicing System

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The Defense Logistics Agency is working toward completing the implementation of a web-based government invoicing platform in compliance with the Department of the Treasury’s requirement to standardize intragovernmental buy and sell transactions.

DLA has set an April 2024 deadline for its full implementation of the G-Invoicing program to automate the process of receiving payment for goods and services from federal trading partners, the Pentagon reported Monday.

Max Walens, branch chief of DLA G-Invoicing’s General Terms and Conditions Center of Excellence, said the program will require a signed general terms and conditions agreement from trading partners, replacing manual request documents including the DD Form 448.

Treasury had required that federal government agencies implement G-Invoicing by Oct. 1, but challenges facing DLA has pushed back the agency’s transition to the new business process.

Walens noted that the implementation will require significant changes across the organization and will need new software to ensure seamless flow of financial information to the G-Invoicing system.