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DOE Launches Competition to Help Utilities Digitize Data Management

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The Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity has launched a contest in search of innovative technologies for utility companies to digitize data management, processing and storage.

DOE said Tuesday the $1.1 million Digitizing Utilities Prize competition is part of the American-Made Challenges program, which was launched in 2018 to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in clean energy.

The contest is open to individuals and groups specializing in data analytics, storage, processing, quality assurance and deletion. They will be teamed up with utilities as they solve real-world data-related challenges.

Interested participants may register until Jan. 26, 2023. The department will select the best platform that can handle evolving IT systems and large data sets created internally and transmitted to electric sector stakeholders.

The winning platform should be able to ensure reliability and resilience in renewable energy integration, according to DOE.