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Letterkenny Army Depot Prepares Own Modernization Plan to Support Future Defense Systems

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The U.S. Army’s maintenance depot tasked with repairing and modernizing air and missile defense platforms and precision fire systems has outlined a $1.4 billion modernization plan to perform major upgrades in preparation for next-generation battlefield systems, Breaking Defense reported Tuesday.

Letterkenny Army Depot plans to modernize its facilities, upgrade equipment and boost workforce development and training to support future air defense systems including platforms designed to counter small drone threats.

The facility also proposes to establish new production space across five large buildings and invest in the development of a high-energy laser test range.

Kate Williams, director of the office of strategic management at Letterkenny Army Depot, said the plan is crucial to keep up with the Army’s modernization efforts and align the facility’s capabilities with future mission requirements.

“We need to build the right facilities at the right time with the right equipment and the right skill sets prepared to provide service to the sustainment community,” Williams said.

The modernization is still awaiting final resourcing approval from Army Materiel Command.