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Atlantic Council Task Force Proposes Government Actions That Support Energy Sector Cybersecurity

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A report by the Atlantic Council Task Force on Cybersecurity and the Energy Transition suggests possible measures for the government to help companies avoid cyberattacks on critical energy infrastructure.

The report, published Tuesday, says the U.S. is unprepared to secure the energy transition towards low-emission and high-efficiency technologies amid the lack of a unified strategic framework among public and private institutions in countering cyber threats.

The task force recommended that the government align its actions and take measures that support the private sector.

According to the group, the government should fortify the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s role in protecting critical assets, align executive and legislative oversight, create a comprehensive roadmap for industry and examine tax incentive structures.

Additionally, the task force urged the government to develop clear product and supply chain security guidelines, offer penetration testing assistance and simplify information sharing processes.