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Noblis Receives Patent for Primer Design Using Indexed Genomic Information; CTO Chris Barnett Quoted

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Noblis announced on Monday that the leading provider of science, technology and strategy services for the federal government has been awarded U.S. patent 11,222,712 for primer design using indexed genomic information.

The patent will enhances the company’s capabilities to design highly discriminatory polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays for rapid, accurate detection and diagnosis. This primer design method identifies highly discriminatory regions in genomic sequences and rapidly indexes them to create barcodes for primers detecting organisms and pathogens.

“Our patented method further enhances the process of analyzing and distinguishing genomic samples,” said Chris Barnett, Noblis’ chief technology officer. 

Noblis’ method is innovative in that it analyzes a sequence against the whole genome, a larger space than other primer design methods commonly cover. It creates collections of sequences which can be further divided into first and second sets of primers, each containing subsequences (also known as k-mers) within the collection.

“This invention used together with other Noblis innovations including our portable DNA sequencing system are driving efficiencies in data gathering and decision making that have significant impacts – particularly for public health and national defense challenges.”

The patented technology is part of Noblis’ BioLaboro application for rapidly designing new PCR assays and monitoring the performance of existing ones.

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