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Report: Frank Kendall Offers Commercial Space Suggestions to VP Harris

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Frank Kendall, secretary of the Air Force and a three-time Wash100 Award winner, presented to Vice President Kamala Harris, who also chairs the National Space Council, a list of commercial space ideas through a six-page memo, Breaking Defense reported Monday.

Kendall’s memo “was a proactive effort by the department to support the Vice President, and ensure the Department of Defense can support Biden Administration efforts to foster a broader role for the commercial space sector in supporting a more resilient space capabilities,” an official with the Department of the Air Force told the publication in an email.

According to the report, the document appears to be Kendall’s effort to suggest ideas that fit into the United Space Priorities Framework, which seeks to maintain a robust and responsible U.S. space enterprise and preserve space for current and future generations and comes before the completion of another reorganization of Space Systems Command, the U.S. Space Force’s acquisition unit.