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Rep. Lori Trahan Proposes Bill to Oversee Digital Services

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Rep. Lori Trahan, D-Mass., has presented a new bill that would establish a Federal Trade Commission bureau dedicated to monitoring the digital services offered by companies online.

The Digital Services Oversight and Safety Act would create a bureau in charge of mandating transparency and risk assessment reports, annually reporting systemic risks, guiding trust and safety processes and protecting whistleblowers who present evidence of act violations, Trahan’s office said Tuesday.

The bureau would also perform other enforcement actions that promote the transparency of these services. A minimum of 500 employees would compose the bureau’s workforce of lawyers, technology experts and interdisciplinary professionals.

“The Digital Services Oversight and Safety Act will be a shot of expertise in the arms of enforcers and legislators alike, helping to inform comprehensive and long overdue updates to the laws that govern the internet,” Trahan said.