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AeroVironment Board of Directors Elect Wahid Nawabi to Become New Chairman; Arnold Fishman Quoted

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Wahid Nawabi
Wahid Nawabi AeroVironment

AeroVironment announced on Tuesday that its Board of Directors has unanimously elected Wahid Nawabi to succeed Tim Conver as chairman upon Conver’s retirement effective at the company’s 2021 annual meeting of shareholders. Nawbi has served as AeroVironment’s president and CEO since May of 2016.

“As part of our commitment to strong corporate governance, the AeroVironment Board of Directors maintains an ongoing and deliberate process for managing succession. Tim Conver has served AeroVironment as a visionary leader and a disciplined Chairman of the Board whose contributions have molded the company into the recognized leader in our industry,” stated Arnold Fishman, lead independent director.

“Wahid’s track record of effective leadership and demonstrated results as chief executive officer, which include three consecutive years of profitable, double-digit revenue growth, are fundamental to the Board’s decision to elect Wahid as the next chairman. We are excited to welcome Wahid to this new role as part of our planned succession process.”

Tim Conver has over three decades of experience working for AeroVironment. He first became a member of the company’s Board of Directors in 1988. He became president in 1991and then CEO in 1992. He became the director of the Board in 2007 and has held that post ever since.

“On behalf of AeroVironment’s Board of Directors, I thank Tim for his vision, determination and guidance. Tim helped cultivate a unique company culture focused both on defining the future in our markets and allowing us to deliver uniquely valuable solutions that help our customers and employees proceed with certainty,” commented Nawabi.

“Tim’s leadership and mentorship have resulted in countless American and allied lives saved as a result of our innovative UAS and TMS solutions,” concluded Nawabi.

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