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GSA to Implement New Digital Signing, Multi Factor Authentication in Contracting

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The General Services Administration has announced it will require contractors to use the DocuSign platform to digitally sign offers and modification requests starting Nov. 30.

Contractors would use DocuSign when applying via eOffer/eMod, a tool designed to electronically facilitate contract offer submissions and modification requests, GSA said Wednesday. DocuSign’s implementation on eOffer/eMod aims to provide a secure, legally compliant signing tool for GSA’s information technology transformation pursuits.

GSA also plans to apply the Federal Acquisition Service ID multi-factor authentication to eOffer/eMod in the second quarter of 2021. FAS ID’s multi-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to protect contractor accounts and GSA applications from unauthorized access.

The eOffer/eMod tool’s transition to DocuSign will run from Nov. 25th to 29th, a period when users will temporarily not be able fully submit offers and modification requests. Users will also be required to present digital certificates when accessing eOffer/eMod during the tool’s transition to FAS ID.