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QTS Publishes ESG Initiatives Report, Focused on Sustainability; Chad Williams Quoted

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Chad Williams
Chad Williams CEO QTS

QTS Realty Trust has published its GRI compliant 2019 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Initiatives Report to provide a comprehensive summary and progress report on QTS' approach to sustainable business practices, the company reported on Wednesday

"QTS is fully committed to sustainable business practices backed by transparency and accountability," said Chad Williams, chief executive officer, QTS. "We are taking a leadership role by measuring and publishing our progress achieving key ESG milestones, including our commitment to procure 100% of our power requirements from renewable energy sources by 2025."

The report was prepared by the QTS Sustainability leadership team. QTS has expanded its initiatives into business practices. The company’s sustainability goals are aligned around a company culture that is Powered by People. 

In 2019, the company published its inaugural ESG report that featured measurable, relevant and timely targets to reduce carbon footprint, support the clean energy industry, improve the lives of QTS' stakeholders, and optimize its business results. 

QTS has updated its environmental goals in the 2020 report, noting that the company will procure 100 percent of power from renewable energy sources by 2025. As of 2019, QTS procured 32 percent of its energy from renewable sources, and in 2020 the company expects that percentage to increase.

Additionally, the company will pursue LEED certification in 90 percent of facilities by 2025. QTS’ 2019 report noted that 50 percent of QTS' facilities are LEED certified, and the company will continue to investigate green building certifications that align with QTS' sustainable business initiatives.

In 2017, QTS set a goal to conserve at least 10 million gallons of water per year. Because it achieved this goal in both 2018 and 2019 it is increasing the goal to 15 million gallons of water annually going forward. QTS has achieved its initial goal of installing EV charging stations at 30 percent of its facilities. QTS will install EV charging stations at 75 percent of its facilities by 2025. 

QTS' sustainability strategy has included redeveloping brownfield properties and transforming them into state-of-the-art data centers. QTS has recycled over 1.2 billion pounds of material. QTS will also change its focus and has set a target to recycle 90 percent of its operational waste by 2025.

"While growth and profitability are clearly important to our business, QTS has always fostered a culture that enables our employees to pursue excellence and positively impact each other and our communities. This emphasis on serving others is and always has been equally critical to our long-term strategy," Williams concluded. 

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