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USAF Completes T-7A Red Hawk Critical Design Review

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T-7A Red Hawk
T-7A Red Hawk

The U.S. Air Force has completed the T-7A Red Hawk aircraft's critical design review at Wright-Patterson AF Base after one year and a half of work and preparations.

The CDR put Red Hawk's systems in tests aimed at demonstrating training performance for pilots of fourth- and fifth-generation aircraft such as the F-35, Edwards AFB said Tuesday.

Tested systems include external pylons, the propulsion engine and a new escape mechanism.

The service branch partnered with Boeing, the aircraft's maker, to conduct Red Hawk's aircraft and overall system CDR in a three-day summit. Representatives from Randolph and Edwards AFBs virtually took part in the CDR.

“The combined government and Boeing team continues to leverage outside-the-box thinking, process tailoring and are breaking the norms by utilizing advanced engineering digital design practices to design, test and produce aircraft," said Shanika Sims, chief of the Air Vehicle Branch.

Boeing, partnered with Saab, supports the T-7A program under a $9.2B contract with USAF.