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Maj. Gen. Michael Guetlein: NRO Seeks to Feed Data Into Joint All-Domain C2 System

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Michael Guetlein
Michael Guetlein

Maj. Gen. Michael Guetlein, deputy director of the National Reconnaissance Office, said the NRO is working on new interface standards to facilitate the flow of data to warfighters through the Department of Defense’s Joint All-Domain Command and Control system, C4ISRNET reported Monday.

“The data that we are collecting and the data that we are processing, we are distributing it more widely than we’ve ever done before, and we are partnering with the standup of JADC2 as well as a couple of other C2 systems to make sure that as those systems come online, our data can seamlessly flow into those C2 systems and be able to make it directly from the sensor to the shooter,” Guetlein said Friday at a Mitchell Institute-hosted webinar.

The Air Force and the Space Force are building JADC2, a data architecture that will allow systems from all service branches to get and integrate data from sensors in support of warfighters’ operations.