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TSA Implements Tech Procurement Initiative to Improve Airport Security

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The Transportation Security Administration is working to implement new policies and capabilities to ensure the seucrity of airport systems such as screening platforms, FCW reported Wednesday.

Previously, the TSA launched an effort called the Capability Acceptance Process intended to help the aviation sector streamline its procurement of technologies like boarding pass scanners, explosives detection systems, X-ray machines and other advanced imaging capabilities.

"What this means is we qualify the equipment, we say this equipment meets our detection standards and our operational testing standards," said Patricia Cogswell, acting deputy administrator of TSA, at an  Armed Forces and Communications Electronics Association event. "If it meets both of those, you may buy it and gift it to us."

Cogswell noted that TSA should incorporate the mindset of U.S. intelligence agencies when it comes to stringent background checks that also cover trusted employees.

In 2018, TSA established an executive steering committee that oversees programs focused on insider threats.