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NSA, CISA Officials Publish Assessment on 5G Network Configuration Strategies

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Cross-sector working group Enduring Security Framework — which includes representatives from the National Security Agency and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency — has issued its evaluation of possible threats with 5G network slicing for the creation of best practices to implement in order to maintain network security. 

The report, which pinpoints management strategies to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of each network slice, was calculated for mobile service providers, hardware manufacturers, software developers and system integrators working on the deployment of 5G networks, NSA said Tuesday. 

ESF intends the assessment to serve as a base to craft a methodology to design, deploy, operate, and maintain secure network slicing across private, hybrid, and public networks.

“The Department of Defense is transitioning 5G into its enterprise. Being able to do network slicing across the entire 5G system is a critical new capability that 5G provides over [Long Term Evolution],” shared Andrew Thiessen, chief economist at the Defense Department’s 5G cross-functional team.