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Government Publishing Office Task Force Endorses Proposed Digitalization of Federal Depository Library

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A task force appointed by U.S. Government Publishing Office Director Hugh Nathanial Halpern has recommended the transition of the Federal Depository Library Program to a digital environment.

In a report released Monday, the task force affirmed the feasibility of digitization but clarified that libraries will still have print versions of the published materials as part of the National Collection. 

“This is a critical issue for the public, our library partners, and GPO, and the Task Force has delivered a serious and thorough report. I am looking at the Task Force’s recommendations and will provide feedback in the early part of 2023,” Halpern stated.

Despite the digital program, GPO will print publications requested by federal agencies and FDLP will distribute them to select libraries. The print copies will continue to serve their purpose in legal and statutory requirements, and rules on their retention will stay the same.

Once Halpern approves the transition, the publishing office will formulate migration and training plans and engage with stakeholders.