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CISA Issues New Technical Rule to Modernize Protected Critical Infrastructure Information; David Mussington Quoted

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The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has made technical amendments aimed at evolving and strengthening the Protected Critical Infrastructure Information Program.

The non-substantive changes published on Wednesday are specific to the program’s procedures for handling critical infrastructure data, according to the agency.

PCII was established to legally secure information that is shared by the private sector to the U.S. government in the interest of homeland security. Regulation 6 CFR part 29 of the program needed to be revised after CISA assumed responsibility for the National Protection and Programs Directorate, which was directly under the Department of Homeland Security. The new technical rule marks the first time the data handling procedures have ever been updated since it was issued in 2006.

“This technical rule modernizes and clarifies important aspects of the Program, making it easier for our partners to share information with DHS,” said David Mussington, executive assistant director for infrastructure security at CISA. “These revisions further demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that sensitive, proprietary information shared with CISA remains secure and protected.”