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DARPA Seeks Proposals for Program to Develop Reconfigurable RF Processors

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Microsystems Technology Office is seeking proposals for a new program that aims to develop reconfigurable processors that can provide autonomous radio frequency signals.

In a broad agency announcement, DARPA said the Processor Reconfiguration for Wideband Sensor Systems program is looking to develop high-throughput, streaming-data processors capable of reconfiguring autonomously in 50 nanoseconds to detect and characterize RF signals in complex environments.

Radios that use artificial intelligence currently rely on field programmable gate arrays, which can be reprogrammed far slower than signal environments can change.

PROWESS builds on prior DARPA research programs including the Spectrum Collaboration Challenge.

John Davies, PROWESS program manager, said SC2 “demonstrated that autonomous RF systems deliver significant benefits over traditional fixed or rule-based approaches.”

DARPA will host a proposers day on Oct. 13 to discuss the PROWESS program.