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KBR Awarded Renewable Power System Study for Upgrade Using Green Ammonia Technology

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KBR announced on Thursday that the company has been awarded a study in order to develop a carbon-neutral, green ammonia-based power system for a semi-submersible drilling unit owned by Odfjell.

“This project demonstrates the role ammonia can play in decarbonizing existing assets and achieving net-zero targets,” Jay Ibrahim, president of KBR Sustainable Technology Solutions. “We pride ourselves in driving positive change, innovation and improvement in key markets, and we are proud to support our customers across the industry in their transitions to cleaner fuel options.”

For the last three decades, KBR has supported Equinor and Odfjell with marine technology, engineering and original semi-submersible designs. Through this study, KBR will continue its collaboration with Odfjell, Equinor and Wärtsilä to assess the conversion of the diesel generators on board drilling units to ammonia-fueled generators.

KBR is a world-leading ammonia licensor and KBR’s K-GreeN technology produces carbon-free ammonia based on electrolysis of water. K-GreeN is a viable, renewable alternative to decarbonizing the maritime and shipping industries.

“We are excited to be a part of a collaborative effort that will fully integrate KBR’s semi-submersible technology expertise, Wärtsilä’s power systems, and Odfjell’s and Equinor’s operations capabilities, all to deliver a carbon-neutral solution,” Jay Ibrahim added.

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