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GovCon Expert Mark Amtower: How Small Contractors Can Get Around Client Visibility, Credibility Issues

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Mark Amtower, a managing partner of Amtower & Co. and a member of Executive Mosaic’s GovCon Expert program, recently posted his latest feature via LinkedIn to discuss the challenge that small contractors have building familiarity and favorability with customers to drive company growth in the relationship-centric federal landscape.

“There are reasons some companies win more than others, and some may be beyond your control, like the size of some companies, or the number of feet they have on the street. And other internal resources,” GovCon Expert Mark Amtower explained.

He continued, “But large companies are not the only companies that win regularly. I’ve seen and work with mid-tier and small contractors that win regularly because they do several things right.”

Amtower also detailed that the first thing a contractor should do is define a critical area of expertise and begin generating content that truly showcases the company’s deep knowledge and team in that area of expertise.

“The content needs to be relevant to the agencies you seek to work with, so don’t produce content that is too broad or general,” GovCon Expert Mark Amtower. “If you produce good content, and reach out to the right people in the target agency, the problem of ‘the customer doesn’t know us’ starts to go away.”

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