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Air Force Team Develops, Tests Open Systems Enclave on F-22 Raptor

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A team of U.S. Air Force software developers has tested a new open systems enclave on an F-22 Raptor aircraft during a flight demonstration at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Members of the Air Combat Command Federal Laboratory, Edwards AFB test pilots and software developers from the 309th Software Engineering Group developed the OSE, which consists of government-owned software architecture with existing hardware, the Air Force said Wednesday.

“We’ve proven the ability to rapidly evaluate and integrate next-generation technologies developed by experts in government, industry, and academia at a lower cost with software portability across defense platforms,” said Maj. Allen Black, test pilot and project co-lead for the F-22 aircraft.

The in-flight demonstration marks the first time that the open-source container orchestration software has been used on any fighter aircraft.

During the test, the enclave showcased its ability to integrate new technologies from the first line of code to flight in less than 60 days.