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DOD’s Innovation Org Seeks Commercial Platform for Aerospace Ground Asset Monitoring Automation

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The Defense Innovation Unit is soliciting technology platforms from the commercial sector that can help Department of Defense technicians locate aerospace assets on the ground.

DOD wants a tracking device that has a compact design, requires minimal maintenance and can generate location data in real time, according to a solicitation notice posted on DIU’s website.

The department is currently using a paper-based process to record places hosting diesel generators, gas turbine generators, hydraulic test stands, air conditioning units, heaters, lights and jacks.

The aerospace ground equipment asset should be able to connect to wireless networks, such as Verizon’s 5G service, or allow the user to transition to the new mobile network.

In addition, DOD prefers if the system can work with communication technologies that include QR codes, Bluetooth and bar codes in lieu of cellular service. 

Interested vendors have until Tuesday to submit their responses to the product requirement.