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GAO Report Provides Snapshot of DOD Efforts to Address Strategic Competition With China

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The Government Accountability Office has released a snapshot report detailing key actions the Department of Defense can take to address challenges in strategic competition with China and boost national security.

GAO said Tuesday the Pentagon could focus on advancing its efforts to mitigate threats to mobility from China, enhance defenses against cybersecurity threats and improve sailor fatigue management, among other recommendations.

According to the government watchdog, China is strengthening its capabilities in key areas including anti-access and area-denial, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, surface and undersea operations and space.

“Today, China has transformed what was an obsolete military into one that can challenge the U.S. military across the spectrum of conventional and unconventional capabilities,” the snapshot report reads.

GAO identified a number of unclassified and classified reports to guide the decisions of defense officials and lawmakers as they prepare to respond to the national security challenges posed by China.

“For the U.S. to be poised for success in facing threats from China, DOD will need to take timely actions and congressional oversight will be important as these efforts proceed,” GAO said.