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Air Force Space Acquisition Exec Nominee Frank Calvelli Wants to Better Protect Satellites

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Frank Calvelli, nominee for the U.S. Air Force’s space acquisition executive role, has emphasized the need for a resilient space architecture to prevent adversaries from disrupting U.S. satellites’ missions, SpaceNews reported Thursday.

Calvelli told Senate Armed Services Committee lawmakers in his confirmation hearing that U.S. space assets should remain accessible both in peace or conflict as the nation as a whole depends on the domain.

To achieve such a level of resilience, the long-time National Reconnaissance Office leader suggested ideas such as improving space situational awareness, mixing up the makeup of constellations, integrating new technical capabilities and adopting commercial technologies.

“The nation needs to outpace its adversaries and maintain the technological advantage it gets from space,” stressed the nominee.

Once confirmed by the Senate, Calvelli, currently a senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, will become the first-ever Air Force assistant secretary for space acquisition and integration.