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L3Harris And International Partners To Develop NATO Surveillance Concepts; Dave Johnson Quoted

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L3Harris Technologies announced on Monday that the company is working with a team of leading international defense and technology companies to develop surveillance concepts for NATO to replace the organization’s aging Airborne Warning and Control System fleet by 2035.

”L3Harris has the skill and experience to address AFSC program complexities across all domains air, land, sea, space and cyber,” said Charles Davis, L3Harris’ International vice president. 

“The team has approached the Risk Reduction Feasibility Study phase with an open mind towards the platforms and digital architectures that will best achieve NATO’s objectives. It is critical to give NATO and the member nations as much flexibility as possible in developing advanced technology, highly adaptive, cost-effective AFSC concept shaped to meet evolving hybrid challenges” added Davis. 

L3Harris will lead the international team, which unifies the expertise across the international stage, sharing a vision of a data-centric, platform-agnostic approach. The other international team members will be announced at a future date.

The company and other team members will analyze the risks and feasibility of candidate components within its systems to strengthen NATO’s military advantage to 2035 and beyond.

L3Harris and its teammates have already delivered a High-Level Technical Concept (HLTC) study to NATO in 2020 as one of six suppliers. The study included detailed support across all business segments focused on data-centric architecture. The HLTC covered all aspects of multidomain surveillance and control over the full spectrum of benign, permissive, contested and denied operational environments.

“NATO has made it very clear that its objective is to ensure data and information are placed at the heart of all future AFSC capabilities,” commented Dave Johnson, L3Harris’ vice president of Strategy and Integrated Mission Systems.

 “With our data-centric, platform-agnostic architecture approach and experience building JADC2 capabilities, the L3Harris team is committed to working with NATO, studying all aspects of its flagship program and developing a concept for joint all-domain surveillance and control for the AFSC program,” concluded Johnson.