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Army Develops New Autonomy Software Through Collaborative Program; Brett Piekarski Quoted

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The U.S. Army has developed a set of software designed to help autonomous, robotic systems navigate and move through complex environments. The Scalable, Adaptive and Resilient Autonomy (SARA) program aims to develop algorithms, tools and methods that support autonomous navigation, the Army said Tuesday.

SARA has been running for a year, in which the program produced advancements in local planning, uncertainty models and adaptive sensor calibration. The effort supports the larger AI for Maneuver and Mobility Essential Research Program.

"What the SARA model allows us to do is drive the performers to integrate their solutions into a government-owned software stack that is compatible with research across the Army," said Brett Piekarski, chief scientist of Army Research Laboratory's (ARL) Computational and Information Sciences Directorate.

Eric Spero, collaborative alliance manager for SARA, said the model allows industry and academia to directly take part in ARL's autonomy pursuits.

SARA has also produced algorithms that reduce errors in long-distance travel, facilitate obstacle navigation and allow for high-speed movement in narrow areas.