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Honeywell Begins Next Stage in Energy Upgrade Project at Kunsan Air Base

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Honeywell announced Monday that the company is beginning the next stage on an infrastructure modernization project at Kunsan Air Base, a U.S. Air Force Base in Gunsan, South Korea. This stage in the project will improve fuel supply reliability through the installation of natural gas service at the base. 

The $23 million project will strengthen base security by reducing the need for frequent fuel oil deliveries and will improve the quality of life for airmen by providing easily maintained heating systems.

"This modernization project will bring a number of benefits to Kunsan Air Base and its Host Nation," stated Jose Simon, vice president and general manager of projects for Honeywell Building Technologies.

"It will help improve airman quality of life, reduce security and reliability concerns associated with use of fuel oil, cut environmental impact and even decrease maintenance needs. With locally sourced and serviced equipment and materials, maintenance can be completed more quickly, allowing service personnel to focus their time and attention on their mission," Simon added. 

The project is estimated to reduce the Kunsan’s energy consumption by 11% annually. Honeywell has guaranteed the energy and operational savings of the new measures. The company will also self-fund the project which eliminates the need for up front capital investment. 

The base’s upgrades will also benefit South Korea by reducing its annual emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide by 3,447 tons. The project will also decrease the risk of groundwater and soil contamination from fuel oil.

The work requires Honeywell to modernize heating systems in 25 buildings on Kunsan Air Base, including the living quarters, by converting boilers from oil to natural gas. The base also plans to expand its use of natural gas over fuel oil in additional buildings. 

"Kunsan Air Base is home to more than 2,900 U.S. airmen, soldiers, civilians, and South Korean nationals, "We are pleased to increase their level of comfort through infrastructure updates, while simultaneously supporting greater sustainability goals," commented Major Mike Kelly.

“We have records dating back 17 years showing efforts to bring natural gas onto the installation. With this project, we can finally execute this goal to create a more secure fuel source on base, reducing the need to open gates and provide escorts for fuel oil deliveries," concluded Kelly.