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DOD Seeks AI Algorithms for Air Domain Collaborative Autonomy Project

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The Department of Defense (DOD) has introduced an artificial intelligence development competition with the intent to identify algorithms that have the potential to facilitate autonomous coordination among long-range, fixed-wing air vehicles built to operate at high speed in a contested environment.

DOD is inviting commercial organizations to propose AI-based algorithms for a prototyping project that will center around collaborative formation, threat avoidance and dynamic task allocation, the Defense Innovation Unit said.

The department plans to hold a series of events where participants will demonstrate prototypes through an unclassified setting that uses an integrated live-virtual-constructive model along with the Advanced Framework for Simulation, Integration and Modeling framework.

Selected vendors will have access to a government reference architecture they can use as the development baseline and will aim to provide modular algorithms or complete agents to the government for simulation-based assessments.

Participants will compete to showcase the performance of their offerings via three preliminary events, followed by a final prototype competition, DIU noted.

Interested parties can submit proposals through June 6.

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