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Purdue University Leads DOD-Supported Consortium to Protect Microelectronics Supply Chain

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Purdue University
Purdue University

The Center for Secure Microelectronics Ecosystem (CSME) will work with the Department of Defense (DoD) and industrial partners to secure the global supply chain of semiconductor chips. CSME, a multi-sector partnership launched by Purdue University, will use a zero-trust approach to protect microelectronics and related products from threats, the university said Monday.

Participants of the DOD-backed Scalable Asymmetric Lifecycle Engagement Microelectronics Workforce Development (SCALE) program will receive opportunities to polish their microelectronics skills while supporting CSME.

SCALE provides Purdue faculty opportunities to train with DOD, the Department of Energy, NASA and 14 other universities. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and Synopsys, two companies from the semiconductor industry, will also provide funds to help Purdue run CSME.

“CSME will offer an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students across universities to conduct integrated research projects with direct ties to industry and government,” said Anand Raghunathan, co-director of CSME.