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MDA to Accelerate Hypersonic Missile Defense Under Glide Phase Interceptor Initiative

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The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) plans to launch a new Glide Phase Interceptor (GPI) initiative to advance the hypersonic missile defense program. MDA decided that it will no longer release a final request for proposals to develop prototypes for a regional glide phase weapons system following a review of requirements, according to a notice published Tuesday.

MDA said it plans a phased approach to GPI development to “deliver increasing regional capabilities” to warfighters and will issue an announcement by the second quarter of fiscal year 2021 to kick off the GPI initiative’s first phase.

“A GPI Document Library will be established to provide both classified and unclassified data to interested offerors,” the notice reads.

In August 2020, Vice Adm. Jon Hill, director of MDA, announced that the agency decided to delay the defensive hypersonic missile design effort to focus on near-term options.