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FBI Moves to Implement New Cyber Strategy to Deter Foreign Hackers; Tonya Ugoretz Quoted

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The FBI has started implementing a new cyber strategy to increase efforts to disrupt actions of foreign hackers amid cyber attacks against SolarWinds software used by a number of U.S. government agencies, CyberScoop reported Wednesday. 

The approach would promote closer collaboration between data-rich private companies and intelligence agencies to saddle U.S. digital adversaries with heavier penalties to discourage them from targeting U.S. assets.

Tonya Ugoretz, deputy assistant director of the Cyber Division at the FBI, said an interagency group is now set up to inform intelligence agencies that are mulling over offensive cyber-operations against foreign hackers.

“We can use our law enforcement and intelligence authorities both to support those defending networks and conducting offensive activities, and to attribute the activity and [hold] nefarious actors accountable, leading to greater deterrence,” she said.

Training bureau employees on intrusion investigation and data analysis as well as increasing the number of cyber-focused FBI personnel at U.S. embassies are some of the expected efforts under the cyber strategy.

Ugoretz also assured that the next administration will retain the strategy. "It is the FBI cyber strategy…which transcends any individual or group leadership team that’s in place at any one time."