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DOD Issues FY 2020 Procurement Mgmt Review; John Tenaglia Quoted

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John Tenaglia
John Tenaglia Principal Director DOD DPC

A Department of Defense (DOD) review of agency procurement practices has found that DOD agencies consistently emphasized customer support and were able to provide flexible work schedules that helped boost workforce morale over the past year.

John Tenaglia, principal director of DOD’s Defense Pricing and Contracting (DPC) unit, said in a recently released memo that the Procurement Management Review (PMR) for fiscal year 2020 falls under the Defense Contract Management Agency and covers lessons learned as well as best practices in defense contracting.

Tenaglia noted in the report’s foreword that PMR teams were able to migrate to virtual operations in line with telework demands that emerged in the past year.

According to the audit, agencies must work to ensure accuracy in documentation procedures that involve contracting, solicitation and selection activities. Agencies should also implement best practices in determining the “reasonableness” of program costs and pricing, the report states.

In addition, the PMR states that agencies must appoint and train a contracting officer’s representative to help streamline relevant procedures. The PMR team currently seeks DOD entities to serve as volunteers for the FY 2021 schedule.