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CyberCore Highlights Ways to Improve Cyber Hygiene in 2021; Jennifer Stacey Quoted

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CyberCore has recently published a white paper that has analyzed cyber hygiene and highlighted various ways for businesses to improve their cyber posture, the company reported on Monday.

“As we have adapted to changes and remote working, the one thing that wasn’t initially at the top of my mind was Cyber Hygiene,” CyberCore’s director of Business Development and Capture, Jennifer Stacey.

Of the reported cyber practices, CyberCore noted that Identity Theft protection will enable users to monitor financial accounts and credit bureaus using MyIDCare, Experian, Lifelock and Identity Guard. CyberCore also urged businesses to update security software and create strong and unique passwords to mitigate risk.

The company added that two-factor authentication on home laptops and computers, cell phones, and any work or personal accounts will increase security. With the increase of remote work, CyberCore noted that a secure home network, with WPA2 or WPA3 encryption on personal routers, is critical to bolster cyber hygiene.

“[Cyber Hygiene is] practices and steps that individuals (users) need to incorporate into their everyday routine in their usage of electronics to maintain devices, systems, health, and improving one’s online security from bad actors,” added Stacey.

CyberCore reported that users and businesses should update security software regularly and securely store sensitive files. When disposing of sensitive data, CyberCore said that it should be shredded with a shredder that has a rating of PS3 or PS4.

The company noted that implementing and practicing Cyber Hygiene while working from home will enable users to protect personal information and companies’ intellectual property from bad actors.