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TIGTA: Taxpaper Data Not Affected by SolarWinds Product Breach

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Russell George, inspector general for tax administration at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), informed House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Bill Pascrell and ranking member Mike Kelly of the steps the Treasury IG for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has taken to ensure security of taxpayer information following a compromise involving SolarWinds Orion products.

In a response letter sent Wednesday to the House representatives, George said TIGTA determined that no taxpayer data was exposed after consulting with the IRS Computer Security and Incident Response Center to know if the breach affected operations.

He assured that additional forensic reviews and network log analysis will be made if the agency received more information related to the cyber incident.

In mid-December, the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) received calls from six senators to provide details on the SolarWind vulnerability and to list federal agencies that use the Orion Network Management products. The lawmakers also asked about data quantities and categories that were vulnerable to unauthorized access.

The Department of the Treasury is reportedly one of the agencies affected by the data breach.