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NuWave Solutions, AFS Partner on Subcontract to Support ONI; Brian Frutchey Quoted

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Brian Frutchey
Brian Frutchey EVP NuWave

NuWave Solutions has been awarded a subcontract to work with Accenture Federal Services (AFS) on the Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP) to support the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), NuWare reported on Tuesday.

“The Accenture / NuWave team will help ONI provide decision superiority by improving the sensitivity to a commander’s risk tolerance and mission priorities. By creating cloud-native, the Navy will benefit from robust resiliency and edge operations support,” said NuWave EVP, Brian Frutchey.

Under the subcontract, NuWave will help Accenture create a distributed environment for adversary characterization assessments by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) assessments with analyst inputs.

“Integrating automated AI into operational intelligence assessments requires a data and processing environment flexible enough to manage changing details about provenance and confidence. In early phases we demonstrated the power of this solution and look forward to scaling to an elastic, Navy enterprise,” Frutchey added.

The subcontract adds to NuWave’s history of delivering anticipatory intelligence and advanced data analytics. The company has leveraged AI and machine learning (ML) methodologies to streamline the Data-to-Decision lifecycle faster than traditional practices.