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NASA Seeks New Partnerships to Support Artemis Program; Jim Bridenstine Quoted

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NASA Seeks New Partnerships to Support Artemis Program; Jim Bridenstine Quoted

NASA has announced that the agency will develop new partners to support the Artemis program and advance human exploration of the Moon, the agency reported on Thursday. NASA plans to further explore the lunar surface and create a sustainable human presence with Artemis in preparation for future human missions to Mars.

“We’re looking for partners to use advanced technologies, imagery applications and approaches that will go beyond our standard coverage on NASA TV,” said NASA administrator and Wash100 Award recipient, Jim Bridenstine.

Potential proposals could include innovative technologies or hardware, such as cameras or other equipment that a partner might fly on the mission to augment existing NASA imagery.

The agency has requested hardware such as 360-degree field-of-view camera systems, virtual reality and advanced imagery compression to improve image quality over limited bandwidth communication links.

Additionally, NASA will seek 4K and Ultra HD camera systems, robotic “third-person” views, crew handheld camera systems, image stabilization, small portable cameras or other concepts that provide more engaging imagery or deliver a custom viewer experience.

NASA Proposals should outline the public engagement project, potential to enhance public understanding of the Artemis program, distribution mechanisms to reach large audiences, requested support from NASA in the form of existing media or access to facilities and personnel.

Proposals should also include a description of unique video, audio or imaging hardware, software or related technology a partner might seek to place on or in NASA’s Orion spacecraft or other NASA equipment, facilities or infrastructure.

“We want to capture the awe of Apollo for a new generation – the Artemis Generation. Just as people were glued to the TV 50 years ago as astronauts took the first steps on the Moon, we want to bring people along in this new era of exploration,” Bridenstine said.

NASA has released an Announcement for Proposals for submissions of potential partnerships. Proposals are due by 11:59 p.m. EST, Dec. 11, 2020.

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