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Final Rule Exempts DHS Insider Threat Program System of Records From Certain Privacy Act Provisions

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released a final rule exempting parts of the Insider Threat Program System of Records from several provisions of the Privacy Act.

Under the final rule, the updated system of records covers all individuals who have or had access to information, networks, equipment, systems or facilities of DHS as well as records from any office, component or program of the department.

The department’s Insider Threat Program System of Records is a repository of paper and electronic records and data held by DHS in line with its functions and missions, such as investigations, national security and intelligence activities and enforcement of criminal and civil laws.

The Insider Threat Program expands the collection of data for investigations and will cover “current employment and performance information, contract information, personnel files containing information about misconduct and adverse actions, and current and former security clearance status.”

The final rule took effect on Tuesday, Oct. 6th.