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Orolia Receives Security Approval for BroadSim MNSA; Tyler Hohman Quoted

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Orolia Defense and Security

Orolia Defense and Security has received security approval by SMC Production Corps. for BroadSim Modernized Navstar Security Algorithm (MNSA), the company reported on Tuesday.  BroadSim’s approval has marked the offering as the only software-defined GNSS simulator on the market to receive the clearance.

"Thought, skill, and patience went into developing this solution. Not only have we taken an innovative approach to ensuring the security of this technology, our implementation was designed with ease of use being top-of-mind – from procurement, to delivery, to installation, to testing – so our customers can spend more time supporting their mission and less time making their simulator work," said Tyler Hohman, director of Products with Orolia. 

BroadSim is a proven  solution within the federal government, Department of Defense (DoD) and military customers. Orolia’s solution was recently selected by the US military to support diverse testing of military GPS receivers.

BroadSim, powered by the advanced Skydel Simulation Engine, is more flexible, scalable and cost-effective than traditional systems. Orolia’s BroadSim has offered MNSA users a step-by-step guide to enable rapid and simple set-up, as well as the ability to generate MNSA in minutes and quickly downgrade the system if needed.

Additionally, Orolia delivered its first round of MNSA M-Code to multiple customers in late August. BroadSim MNSA has consolidated P(Y)-Code and AES M-Code as another GPS encrypted signal that Orolia Defense and Security supports. 

MNSA M-Code is being rolled out as a required standard across many defense platforms. Engineers and system integrators must consider this in their testing cycles. Orolia has streamlined previously tedious processes and are available with expert support to guide them every step of the way.

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