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Unisys Certifies AirCore to Support Service Optimization; Darko Todorovic Quoted

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Darko Todorovic
Darko Todorovic

Unisys Corporation has received a ONE Order certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for Unisys AirCore, the company reported on Thursday

"The automation capabilities coupled with having a single access point for the order record means it is easy to collect and review passenger data, at a reduced cost for IT and operations,” said Darko Todorovic, director of Global Travel and Transportation solutions at Unisys.

Unisys AirCore is a modern Passenger Services System (PSS) that has enabled airlines to optimize their sales and customer service capabilities. The company’s offering was developed by IATA, the ONE Order standard allows airlines to modernize the order management process by creating one standardized order record. 

The company has developed a single point of access, where airlines can view the passenger's full travel experience, airlines have the data and resources necessary to provide improved customer service. 

With the certification, AirCore has expanded its ability to support comprehensive products and services ordering and delivery capabilities that will enable airlines to sell and fulfill customized offers to customers.

“AirCore creates more opportunities for revenue generation through improved airline retail capabilities, enabling airlines to provide a better customer experience and build brand loyalty," added Todorovic.

AirCore is a modern PSS with a full range of passenger services solutions that optimizes airline customer and employee experiences at all stages of the air travel journey, including inventory, order management, offer management, reservations, ticketing and departure control.

AirCore Order Manager is an omnichannel solution that will provide master order control and servicing for both New Distribution Capability (NDC) and non-NDC orders. The manager has integrated industry standard interfaces and APIs with the digital platforms for enhanced control. 

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