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Voyager Space Holdings Announces Acquisition of Pioneer Astronautics; Dr. Robert Zubrin, Matthew Kuta Quoted

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Matthew Kuta
Matthew Kuta President - COO Voyager

Voyager Space Holdings has announced its acquisition of Pioneer Astronautics, a hands-on research and development company, in a cash and stock transaction, Voyager reported on Monday

“Our goal of inventing and proving new technologies to advance humanity’s reach into space has remained the same,” said Dr. Robert Zubrin, founder and president, Pioneer Astronautics. “Now, with the innovative environment Voyager provides us, we’re able to confidently accelerate toward this goal, knowing we have the support of long-term, permanent capital.”

With the acquisition, Voyager will advance its mission of creating the world’s first vertically integrated and publicly traded NewSpace company. Pioneer Astronautics has invented and delivered new technologies that have advanced space and Earth research. 

Pioneer Astronautics has delivered a series of innovations that have created new capabilities for space exploration systems. The company has focused on making sustainable life beyond Earth by building systems that transform local materials found in space into resources that support exploration and settlement. 

The company was recently one of four businesses selected by NASA to help mature a range of lunar technologies for sustainable exploration of the Moon under the Artemis program. With its selection, Pioneer Astronautics will build and demonstrate hardware that can produce oxygen and steel from lunar regolith, helping support sustainable lunar operations.

Voyager seeks to increase vertical integration and mission capability to enable humanity’s most ambitious projects. The firm’s portfolio features Pioneer Astronautics and Altius Space Machines. Voyager will continue to support the commercial space companies by offering an alternate solution to traditional private capital models. 

“The space industry is entering a new era, and it’s one that will drive creativity and innovation of technology at lightning speed,” said Matthew Kuta, Voyager president and COO. “The permanent capital model of Voyager is well suited to support NewSpace companies in all types of markets to include both up and down markets.”