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USPTO’s Jamie Holcombe on Agency Goals for IT Modernization, AI Deployment

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Jamie Holcombe
Jamie Holcombe CIO USPTO

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is working on six artificial intelligence-focused programs including an effort to deploy algorithms and a neural network to automate patent classification, Nextgov reported Thursday.

Jamie Holcombe, chief information officer of USPTO, said at a virtual ACT-IAC event that the agency is also looking to deploy AI and machine learning for fraud detection and automated image searching capabilities.

The move comes after USPTO launched its Patents 4 Partnerships data repository for licensing and tech commercialization opportunities. According to Holcombe, USPTO seeks to "provide more data services to the public" over the next six months.

Other initiatives that Holcombe cited include information technology modernization efforts to  “eliminate technical debt” and increase the capacity of agency systems to handle over 1,200 sessions through WebEx.

“We did have slight problems in the beginning, but what we did to combat that was to ensure that we scaled up both software licenses and hardware licenses to ensure that we could manage and respond to the demand,” he noted.