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SAP NS2 Rebrands FedRAMP, Offers SAP Analytics Cloud; Harish Luthra Quoted

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Harish Luthra
Harish Luthra

SAP National Security Services (NS2), a subsidiary of SAP, has rebranded its FedRAMP Marketplace to SAP NS2 Cloud Intelligent Enterprise, which will include a JAB approved service, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), the company reported on Tuesday

"With SAC's machine learning technology and embedded artificial intelligence, customers can discover, analyze, plan, and predict in one experience across all devices. Government agencies need a simple way to access critical information to make informed decisions," said Harish Luthra, president of NS2 Cloud.

FedRAMP will enable SAP NS2 to save time and costs by enabling rapid procurement of information systems and services for consistent application of information security standards across all government organizations.

SAP NS2 Cloud Intelligent Enterprise will provide a suite of intelligent applications and experience management tools for managing operational transactions, HR and people management, analytics and other innovative capabilities. 

The applications will include embedded intelligence and offer a consistent user interface. SAP NS2’s solution will offer SuccessFactors, Employee Central Payroll and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). 

SuccessFactors is an enterprise HR and People management Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that delivers business results by driving business alignment, optimizing people performance and building a competitive advantage through people.

Employee Central Payroll is a secure, industry-based payroll engine that is integrated to the core HR system. SAP NS2 will provide customers with enhanced availability, compliance and customer support to deliver a mission critical edge.

The SAC is a business intelligence platform SaaS solution that will connect people and information to enable fast end-to-end decision making.

About SAP NS2

At SAP NS2®, we support the mission of national security by providing innovative computing, analytics, and cloud solutions, all delivered by U.S. persons on U.S. soil. From custom development to secure cloud, and virtually everything in between, SAP NS2 powers the secure intelligent enterprise.