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Federal CISOs on Addressing Telework-Related Cybersecurity Challenges

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Chief information security officers at federal agencies are working to address cybersecurity challenges related to having a remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, Federal News Network reported Wednesday.

Venice Goodwine, CISO at the Department of Agriculture, discussed the need for CISOs to address the issue of data access and the role of zero trust in addressing the visibility question.

“The data is my new perimeter,” Goodwine said Tuesday at the Splunk Cloud Virtual Summit. “And so as a CISO you start to look within your toolbox and really understand what do I have in my toolbox to use, based on the investments I’ve made, that will give me the answer to that question: who is accessing my data? How are they accessing my data? Where is my data moving to?”

The Department of Education conducted a five-day sprint to identify alternative authentication processes in response to the closure of its badging stations for personal identity verification during the pandemic.

“So the disruption has been overwhelmingly positive for us, because it’s forced us to think outside of tradition, it’s forced us to think outside of status quo. And frankly, in many cases, we’re not going to go back to the prior ones,” said Steven Hernandez, CISO at the Department of Education.