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AF Scientific Research Office Takes Spot at U.K.-Based Innovation Hub

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Air Force Research Laboratory’s scientific research office has engaged with the Translation and Innovation Hub or I-HUB located in Imperial College, London, to foster international collaboration.

The move aims to fortify AFRL’s partnerships with the U.K. defense ministry, academia and non-traditional entities, Wright-Patterson AF Base said Tuesday.

“Co-locating with Imperial College is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the relationships formed through our existing grants and is a direct realization of the 2030 strategy call to build bridges and foster innovation on critical research topics,” said Col. D. Brent Morris, international office director of the AF Scientific Research Office.

The 2030 USAF Science and Technology Strategy reflects the service branch’s pursuit of agile collaboration with traditional and non-traditional entities.

AFRL plans to send two of its information directorate employees to the London-based hub this fall.

“These employees will serve as researchers and liaisons to the various universities and institutions across the U.K. to leverage global research partnerships and rapid innovation opportunities,” said Lt. Col. Logan Mailloux, chief of staff at AFOSR.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for AFOSR’s facility at I-HUB will virtually take place when lockdown restrictions lessen.