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State Dept’s COVID-19 Analytics Team Develops Repatriation Data Mgmt Tool

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The State Department has created a data analytics team that works to provide actionable results from COVID-19 datasets and support the department’s repatriation efforts for Americans impacted by the pandemic overseas, Nextgov reported Tuesday.

The department’s Center for Analytics (CfA) and Office of Crisis Management and Strategy (M/SS) launched the COVID-19 Data Analytics Team (CDAT) to serve as a central COVID-19 data repository in support of the department’s Repatriation Task Force and Coronavirus Global Response Coordination Unit (CGRCU).

Janice deGarmo, acting chief data officer at the State Department and deputy director of M/SS, told the publication that CDAT helped produce the Repatriation Briefing Book that enabled State Department personnel to coordinate with other agencies and identify Americans in need of repatriation.

The Repatriation Briefing Book is comprised of multiple dashboards based on open-source data such as flight schedules and requests. The tool complements CDAT’s Congressional Repatriation Inquiries tool that visualizes updates on congressional repatriation activities.

The State Department has coordinated repatriation efforts for 95,083 Americans encompassing 136 territories and countries to date, according to Nexgov.