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DOE Unveils $65M Funding Opportunity for Nuclear Technology Projects

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The Department of Energy has earmarked over $65M in funds to support 93 nuclear technology projects from 28 various states.

DOE said Thursday it will provide more than $38.6M to back university-led nuclear research and development projects in 24 states through the Nuclear Energy University Program.

The department has allotted $5.7M to finance 21 research reactor and infrastructure modernization efforts, while $10.8M will be awarded to three projects that will work to address technical gaps that affect the Office of Nuclear Energy's mission objectives.

DOE will award over $2.4M to three national laboratories, one industry partner and three university-led projects that will explore material and nuclear fuel applications, while two of the projects will receive $1M in research funds.

Five national laboratory-led R&D projects will also secure $5M to explore and address crosscutting nuclear energy gaps in efforts to build instruments, sensors and production approaches for nuclear reactor plant and fuel applications.