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Everbridge Enables Remote Voting for Vermont State Legislature to adhere to COVID-19 Social Distancing Guidelines; Tim Ashe, Brian Toolan Quoted

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Everbridge has announced that the Vermont State Legislature has deployed Everbridge Suite platform to facilitate remote voting by state lawmakers to ensure legislators, reporters and Statehouse staff safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company reported on Monday

“It’s a new frontier for all of us,” Senate President Pro Tempore Tim Ashe. “But one of the byproducts is that the use of technology is proving to open up the doors of state government — especially the legislative process — more than ever. We want to model what we’re expecting the people of Vermont to do to keep people safe.”

Lawmakers have recently approved virtual voting to allow Senators and House members to pass legislation without congregating at the Statehouse. The secure remote voting model will serve as a best practice to protect other state and federal lawmakers from the pandemic. Legislators will meet over video conference, using the Everbridge mobile app to cast their votes.

In addition, the House held several practice sessions with members to acclimate the new technology. Everbridge announced that lawmakers conducted over 20 separate secure votes, using the Everbridge platform. 

Everbridge has completed the FedRAMP Authorization, which has certified that the company’s security and risk management review process. The certification is required to offer its Everbridge Suite solution to federal agencies, a mandate by OMB for any cloud service provider that serves the federal government.

In addition, Everbridge has launched a series of actions to address the coronavirus, including partnering with the U.S. Army to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 across over 400 military locations in 70 countries and providing daily updates on its Coronavirus Preparedness Hub. 

The Everbridge platform has delivered nearly 300 million communications specific to coronavirus as well as launched its COVID-19 Shield rapid deployment templates to protect people and maintain operations amid the pandemic. 

The Everbridge CEM platform has reached over 550 million people across the world while serving leading F500 companies as well as cities, states and entire countries. Everbridge has been selected by eight countries, several states in India, and multiple states in the United States to protect populations.

“We’re honored to have Everbridge power this important government use case without sacrificing security or compliance, or slowing down the legislative process. When it comes to protecting legislators and staff or providing critical communications for citizens, Everbridge, a FedRAMP-authorized company, makes for the perfect partner across state, local and the federal government,” said Brian Toolan, Senior Director of Government Strategy at Everbridge.

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