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DHS Announces Funds to Support Anti-Terrorism Tech Projects

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The Department of Homeland Security is investing $10M in fiscal 2020 research projects that aim to address domestic terrorism.

DHS said Tuesday it calls for interested organizations to apply for opportunities under the FY 2020 Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention program.

Participants would develop anti-terrorism technologies and support the formation of a framework for violence prevention. The TVTP program aims to fortify local prevention frameworks, deter domestic terrorism and identify terrorism prevention technologies. The effort aligns with the DHS Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence.

“Attacks by domestic terrorists, those inspired by foreign terrorist organizations and acts committed by violent individuals with no clear ideological motivation have occurred in communities across America with tragic outcomes,” said Chad Wolf, acting secretary of homeland security.

Topics covered include building security, recidivism prevention and local-level reintegration programs.