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C3.ai Releases New Data Sets for Researchers to Expedite COVID-19 Solution; Shankar Sastry, Thomas Siebel Quoted

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C3.ai has announced that the company will make a unified, federated, open data image of critical COVID-19 data publicly available at no cost to the global research community beginning on April 13, 2020, C3.ai announced on Wednesday.

“C3.ai DTI invites scholars, developers, and researchers to embrace the challenge of abating COVID-19 and advance the knowledge, science, and technologies for mitigating future pandemics using AI,” said Shankar Sastry, Engineering professor at the University of California, Berkeley and co-director of the C3.ai Digital Transformation Institute.

C3.ai’s data sets have been aggregated into a unified, federated image, easily accessible and useful to researchers for applying advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. The C3.ai COVID-19 Data Lake will be made publicly available at no cost to the global research community.

In addition, the C3.ai COVID-19 Data Lake will be immediately accessible to researchers and organizations currently utilizing the C3 AI Suite, including member academic institutions and researchers through the C3.ai Digital Transformation Institute (C3.ai DTI).

The global research and developer communities are invited to help expand the scale of the C3.ai COVID-19 Data Lake by enhancing its functionality, developing analytics and predictive models, and by contributing additional COVID-related data sets through a crowdsourcing model.

The C3.ai COVID-19 Data Lake will integrate the capabilities of the C3 AI Suite to help organizations leverage existing enterprise systems, data stores and data lake investments by unifying all enterprise and external data into a single current virtual data image without the need to duplicate data.

The C3.ai COVID-19 Data Lake will provide a single secure cloud image of the various COVID-19 datasets available in a private, highly scalable, distributed cloud infrastructure.

“We are pleased to make this contribution to the global COVID-19 research effort,” said Thomas M. Siebel, CEO of C3.ai. “It is our hope that this resource will rapidly expand in scope and functionality to help researchers address this unprecedented pandemic.”

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