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Federal Protective Service Automates Threat Assessment Processes

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The Federal Protective Service, an agency within the Department of Homeland Security, has used automation technologies to reduce time costs in the creation of threat assessment reports, GCN reported Wednesday.

FPS produces these reports as part of its mission to secure federal employees and activities at approximately 9.5K U.S. facilities. The agency conducts threat assessments via a Modified Infrastructure Survey Tool and bases reports on standards promoted by the Interagency Security Committee.

Argonne National Laboratory helped FPS automate a large part of the data gathering and analysis processes, reducing the amount of manual work needed to construct the reports.

The automated process gathers data from agent-submitted threat information, building vulnerability inspectors and a facility’s documents on countermeasures. Additional sources would include crime stats, census data and the FBI.

Jeffrey Levine, an FPS special agent, said the automation helped the agency accelerate process-related activities and recognize portfolio items that may not have been initially identified.