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FBI’s Steven Kelly on Government’s Interaction With Industry on Cyber Issues

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The U.S. government still needs to come up with clearer policies outlining the agencies’ cybersecurity responsibilities and roles and an FBI official said “conversations” are still ongoing among agencies when it comes to engaging with the private sector on cyber issues, FCW reported Monday.

“In terms of the big picture kind of responsibilities, those are pretty sorted out,” Steven Kelly, chief of cyber policy at the FBI. “I think the areas where we need to improve is how we’re interacting with at-risk entities — and there’s various departments and agencies that have a role in this — and how the information and learnings can be actioned at a speed that is [relevant].”

Kelly also mentioned issues emerging across multiple lines of jurisdiction and how the bureau helps establish links in the country’s strategy to defend against cyber threats.

“We work every day with victims of crime, and we rely on those relationships,” he added.